Culinary Travel

We at Palma share a simple, yet rich and fulfilling travel philosophy: experiencing an ethical idea of food, where pure ingredients go from farm to table, in a rustic setting infused with timeless style. There is no better place to make this dream come true than Puglia, where local traditions and natural beauty come together in true balance and perfect harmony.

Often called “the new Tuscany”, Puglia is in fact a place like no other. A land of many souls, its origins are still alive in the white washed Greek houses, baroque architecture and arabesque buildings. Surrounded by two seas, it is home to secluded beaches and crystal clear water; blessed by the warmest sun, this generous land offers outstanding organic produce. Its world famous olive oil and wines are the perfect pair with authentic recipes that make Puglia the ultimate food lover’s paradise, and just one of the many reasons why it has been included both in the Lonely Planet and National Geographic’s ‘’Best Trips 2014” list. A quintessentially Mediterranean gem, Puglia will mesmerize you with its genuine charm, heartwarming people and breathtaking landscapes.

A seven-days experiential travel in Valle d’Itria is the best way to explore the best this land has to offer. Palma’s local guides will take care of all details, from transfers to accommodation: choosing from a diverse and exciting range of activities will be your only concern. Feel like an authentic pugliese with our cooking classes in masseria, ancient farm houses as much as living communities; learn best-kept secrets from renowned chefs, to recreate the perfection of taste and presentation back home. Relax, unwind and enjoy our wine and food tastings. Or let us introduce you to the beauty of local craftsmanship and world class design with exclusive shopping tours available on request. Puglia is home to the legacy of a millenary culture: UNESCO heritage site of Alberobello, Ostuni and Cisternino among many other picturesque towns will make the ideal setting for memories that last a lifetime.

Inquire with us about the itinerary details and let the experience begin!

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